May / June Update

Happy Summer Solistice!

Yesterday was Summer Solistice, the day of the year when we receive the most daylight hours. In Joann’s books that means it’s all downhill from here for the year. In my opinion the shorter days can’t come too soon. The dogs have started waking up about 5:30 when it get’s light and I seem to have the chore of getting out of bed and letting them out to do their business. I wonder if they can be trained to sleep with eye shades on?

I completely missed last month’s newsletter, my apologies to all. Have you ever had one of those months when it seems like your behind all the time? That’s how May was for me. Every time I turned around I felt a few days or hours late on some deadline. Fortunately June has been much better.

I did get out and ride the 50 mile endurance ride at Montana de Oro state park near Morro Bay on the 30th of May. Chance (my Kiger Mustang) and I finished in 9hrs and 11 minutes. I was very pleased with that time as it was pretty tough ride. We came in about 2 hours after the first place finisher and still placed very well. The rider’s placing 8 and 9 came in 2 minutes earlier (we had been together for most of the afternoon) and place 10 came in at the same time. We will be doing a 2 day ride (50 miles both Saturday and Sunday) in Weaverville CA over the 4th of July weekend. Joann will be joining me on this outing.

I also have been busy trying to keep my little pheasant chicks alive. On June 3rd I received a call from the post office to come pick up my package. I opened it up and inside were 52 baby ring neck pheasants. Unfortunately I lost a number the first week, due mostly I think to lack of drinking water. The little guys would forget to drink or something. I’d check on them and would find one or two laying down and not moving, if I caught them soon enough I could dunk them in water a few times and they seem to be revived. As of the 22n’d it looks like I have 38 live birds, it’s hard to count the little buggers since they don’t stand still very long. Now at about 4 weeks old I need to move them outdoors into a covered run so they can really start to develop. At about 8 weeks I’ll remove part of the top cover and hope to see them fly off into the neighborhood and start families of their own.

I would like to wish a wonderful 4th of July, and if your looking for a great place to spend the day check out the activities in Morgan Hill. Great parade, fireworks, music.

Trivia for the month:
Last month’s Question – Things are sometimes boring at Salcatraz the Federal penitentiary for the criminally inept. Two long term inmates, Nick and Vince try to fill in the days with contests. Nick and Vince decide to kill time by flipping a coin for $1 a flip. Nick won 3 flips but Vince won $5. How many flips did they have in all? Answer: There were 11 flips. Nick won 3 and won 8
This month’s question – Death Valley Days – Folklore tells of Bigfoot Pete who discovered a vein of gold on the edge of the desert. Fearing that others might jump his claim, he knew he had to rush across the desert to the assay/claim office. The route was six days walk across the desert. Pete had no animals to help him but the local natives offered to help. The trouble was that no one (including Pete) could carry more than four days food and water. Can the trip be made – and how many helpers would Pete need? (No cannibal solutions – please!!)

If your looking for a new home in a popular area you are familar with the multiple offer situations. It seems like many homes we are seeing get into contract are the result of winning multiple offer situations. It’s a rough market for buyers. But keep at it.

Morgan Hill, CA June 2015
105 homes on the market vs. 112 a year ago
27 median days on market compared to 30 a year ago
Median price: $964,216 vs $843,748 a year earlier
Median size: 2,571 sq. ft.
This includes condo’s and single family homes. Data pulled from

Mortgage rates have popped up a little during the last few weeks. Still good deals to be had. The question that everyone has is this the beginning of the upward trend we have all been expecting.

Product Today 1 yr Low 1 yr. High
30 Yr FRM 4.10 3.55 4.26
15 Yr FRM 3.30 2.95 3.41
FHA 30 Year Fixed 3.75 3.25 3.75
Jumbo 30 Year Fixed 3.90 3.57 4.11
5/1 Yr ARM 3.10 2.95 3.25
Updated: 6/22/15