About Me

Business Background

Prior to making a career change into the mortgage business, I spent over 20 years as a part of high tech service companies, providing solutions to the Fortune 500 marketplace. Beginning deep in the technology as an engineer and eventually moving into executive management prior to deciding I wanted help people more one-on-one.

My prior career experiences taught me to focus on three things; People, Processes and Products. We are most successful working with people we trust. In order to build trust you have to be a person of your word with honest, open and frequent communication. Quality processes with attention to detail make the difference between good and great. California Reverse Fundings has a proven history of quality processes and a commitment to continual improvement. You can have the best people skills, quality processes, and yet still miss the mark if your products are not top tier. California Reverse Fundings due to volume and history, has a great portfolio of partners that can provide the best loan product for your situation.

My educational experiences include an MBA from San Jose State and a BS in Computer Systems Engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology. In addition, I am a licensed member of the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors.

Personal Background

Since 1981, my wife and I have lived in Santa Clara County, have raised our children here, and now are glad to be part of our grandchild’s life as well. Spending time with my family is a priority. I also enjoy many outdoor activities, hiking, backpacking, camping, snow skiing, golf and horseback riding. We are blessed to live in an area that makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors year round.