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September Update

I think California needs to add a new saying,”Beware the Ides of September” for all the fires we have going on in the state. I just reviewed the California fire map and noticed that the three largest fires currently with less than 50% containment total over 282,000 acres. That’s over 44 sq. miles of active […]

August Update

August is here and the local schools are in session. It’s been a little tough to watch the young grand kids get used to the new schedule. They rather liked the summer schedule, which was really no set schedule. Now they all have to be at school before 8AM. What a bummer. It gets me […]

July Update

It has been a wonderful summer, so far…let’s finish it out well! One of my favorite little trite sayings is “finish well”. It is hard sometimes in the middle of a difficult situation to think about the end or finish line, by keeping in mind the “finish well” phrase it helps me keep on task […]

May / June Update

Happy Summer Solistice! Yesterday was Summer Solistice, the day of the year when we receive the most daylight hours. In Joann’s books that means it’s all downhill from here for the year. In my opinion the shorter days can’t come too soon. The dogs have started waking up about 5:30 when it get’s light and […]

April Update

Spring Greetings! My apologies for getting this out a little late, we have had a busy few weeks after my return from Mexico. With interest rates at near the 1 year lows we are seeing a lot of refinance activity as wells as certain local areas are seeing a lot of purchase activity. As you […]

March Update

Spring Greetings! I wish you a wonderful spring. Although, watching some Facebook postings from cousins living in New York and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t delay that greeting a few weeks. Their first day of spring started with 6 inches of new snow, makes me glad I live in California, We greeted spring with a […]

February Update

Happy February! Does anyone else have at least a hesitation when it comes to spelling the month “February”? You would think as many times as I have spelled the month over my lifetime it would just roll off my tongue, but it doesn’t. Markets come and go. We had a few weeks where mortgage interest […]

January Thoughts

Happy January! As a mortgage broker the last couple of weeks have been just a little busy, a few market events in Europe combined with only fair jobs reports have sent the mortgage rates to 30 month lows. Combine that with the increased home values here locally and we have a number of people looking […]

December Thoughts

Merry Christmas!   With December we are now really starting to experience some rain. While I’m thankful for the water….I’d be happier if it rained on my neighbor’s property more and mine less. The mud is a real pain. On the other hand the Martin Valley Yachting Club had their first in what promises to […]

November Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope all is well with you and your family. I would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and encourage you to take the time to reflect on all those things you have in your life to be thankful about. Here is an opportunity for you to share in the season. A friend […]