What is a Conventional Mortgage?
These are the most common types of loans, falling under market loan limits set by the government for each county. Conventional mortgage loans include fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), first-time homebuyer loans, trust deed mortgages and more. Most require a down payment, but there are choices that minimize down payment requirements. Note that most programs will require private mortgage insurance if the down payment on your loan is less than 20 percent. We can show you which option is best for your situation.

Fixed rate and adjustable rate conventional mortgages
First-Time home buyer conventional mortgages
95% financing conventional mortgages
Conventional mortgages for borrowers with “less-than-perfect” credit
Combined 1st and 2nd trust deed conventional mortgages
Credit or Income Documentation challenging solutions

Some Special Conventional Mortgages
There are a number of special interest conventional mortgage that may apply to any specific buyer. These include but are not limited to:

USDA Rural Development loans: Allows for 100% financing of homes purchased in areas defined as “rural”. Geographic and income restrictions.

Cal HFA mortgage loans: Specific to first time home buyers, there are income and loan limit restrictions. Some programs can be combined with FHA and other government loan programs. 
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