My Mission


Provide quality personalized mortgage lending services to you my clients. I help you determine the best mortgage for your individual circumstances and deliver the loan, on time, at very competitive rates. I educate you regarding the important issues involved in choosing a loan and help you make an informed decision. I take my fiduciary responsibilities very seriously to act in my clients best interests. 

These three words define who we are at California Reverse Funding.

Integrity. We believe it all begins here. If we are people of integrity, in a business that is not always known for it’s “honesty” we will be set apart from our competition. We strive hard to adhere to all government regulations. But that’s only the start. We also communicate clearly with you the client on your options, benefits and costs of the proposed transaction. While others might hide behind various words or regulations we do our best to tell clients like it is. Even if sometimes that means your best option is to do nothing, or perhaps work with a different lender.  Integrity is key as 90% of our clients are referrals.

Trust. We know this is a business where you have to trust your loan officer. Our clients, in order to qualify for a loan often share information with us that they won’t share with their family members or close friends. It’s the nature of the business. As part of our desire to show our trustworthiness we are licensed by both the National Mortgage Licensing System and California Department of Real Estate, we are members of the Santa Clara County Board of Realtors and adhere to the National code of ethics, we are a CA incorporated entity and submit our finances to the Department of Housing and Urban Development and NMLS annually for review, and adhere to all these entities regulations for security, clarity and financial stability.

Experience. Based on the volume and types of transactions we have become experts at finding solutions. We receive referrals from Financial Advisors, loan officers and credit unions. We are very good working on loans that require going the extra mile to see the client into that new home, or improved financial situation. By focusing on learning through the difficult loans, it makes us so much better with the “AAA” borrower, and it allows us to always be looking at more options for our clients. Since we know more than one loan type, we can share this with others.

California Reverse Funding is a division of Martin Group Lending Inc. a California Corporation licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, license number 01526378 and the National Mortgage License System license number 0238213.