Client Experiences

Client Comments

“I was very concerned about the condition of my home. And in fact had two reverse mortgage lenders tell me they could not help me after I described the condition of my home. When Dennis and his team came in and visited the home they were able to help me understand what exactly needed to be done to qualify for a reverse mortgage. They spoke with my handi-man and family members to make sure only what was required was done and I didn’t spend too much. Once I had the money from the reverse mortgage I was able to clear off my debts and complete the full remodeling my home desperately needed.”

Susan W

“We were very nervous about talking with someone about a reverse mortgage. We knew we needed help, but we were afraid of the costs, the paperwork and the adding stress to our lives. The team at California Reverse Fundings made the decisions easier to understand, always taking the time to answer our questions. They even suggested we have our kids present during the discussions. When it was all done we felt good about making the right decisions and there were no surprises.”

Jack and Marilyn W.

“Dennis goes above and beyond the normal loan officer. About six months after we closed my mortgage the servicer did something and my statement was all messed up. I spent two months trying to work with the help desk and didn’t get anywhere except frustrated. Finally I called Dennis who was so helpful in getting us the loan. He got on the phone with the lender and within a couple of days had the right people working on the problem and within a week my statements had been corrected.”

Jill C.