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Will my property taxes be impacted ?

Your property taxes will not be impacted. Even though an appraisal is done to establish the value of the home,...
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Why should I get a reverse mortgage instead of a home equity loan?

There are a number reasons why a reverse mortgage can be a better choice than a normal home equity loan...
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When I get a reverse mortgage, who owns my home?

Bottom line, you continue to own your home when you have a reverse mortgage. Just the same as if you...
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What is a HECM Saver Reverse Mortgage?

In October 2010 the Federal Housing Administration launched a new reverse mortgage called the HECM saver. In exchange for the...
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I have a reverse mortgage, what happens to my home when I die?

When you have a reverse mortgage on your home, when the last spouse dies, the heirs have  a time period...
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How will a reverse mortgage impact my spouse?

To obtain a reverse mortgage, all borrowers must be listed on the deed to the home and be at least...
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How much are the closing costs on a Reverse Mortgage?

There is an old saying that there is no free lunch and that is particularly true in mortgage and real...
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How do I receive payments from a reverse mortgage? Can I make changes later?

There are three separate ways to receive the cash from a reverse mortgage. 1.) A single check at close 2.)...
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How do I qualify for a reverse mortgage?

There are two qualification for a reverse mortgage, your age and your home. In order to qualify for a reverse...
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Does a condo qualify for a reverse mortgage?

A condo in a HUD approved homeowners association (like Rossmoor) is qualified for reverse mortgage. Co-operatives are not eligible for...
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Do I need to own my home free and clear to get a reverse mortgage?

I enjoy answering your questions, please call or email me for a personal, timely and accurate response. You do not...
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Do I have to pay income tax on the proceeds from a reverse mortgage?

I am not a tax professional but I did find this information on the IRS web site. “ Because reverse mortgages...
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Can the property be held in a trust?

Trusts are normally allowed in a reverse mortgage. The trust typically must be revocable to qualify.  In some cases, the...
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Can I get a reverse mortgage if I have added my children to the deed of my home?

If your children are at least 62 years old and live in the home, then they can be included as...
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Are there restrictions on how I use the income from a Reverse Mortgage?

Other than having to pay off any existing liens on your property (a prior mortgage, home equity loan, tax lien,...
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